SETAC Central & East Europe Branch


SETAC Central & East Europe Branch (SETAC CEE) is the regional branch of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). SETAC is a non-profit society which provides forum for individuals and institutions engaged in the study, analysis, and solution of environmental problems, management and regulation of natural resources, education, and research and development. SETAC supports the development of principles and practices protection, enhancement and management of sustainable environmental quality and ecosystem preservation.

SETAC CEE is an independent, non-profit scientific and professional organization, which works as open multidisciplinary forum for biologists, chemists, environmental scientists, toxicologists, and life cycle assessment (LCA) experts from countries of the central and east Europe. It provides important opportunities for discussion among academia, industry, and authorities promoting the application of scientific knowledge to environmental police. It organizes workshops, scientific meetings and training courses on topics of environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, and life cycle assessment topics. An emphasis is given to support young scientists from central and east Europe (e.g. organize easy and cheap meetings to get in contact with experienced scientists). The important mission of the SETAC CEE branch is also to coordinate local national activities related to environmental toxicology and chemistry and to promote SETAC Europe in the region

Branch was constituted in 2004.

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